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Mike Pederson
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Minutes  12/22/2013
The meeting was called to order by President Chris George at 8:45am at the flying field.
Secretary Mike Pederson explained the need to elect a president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and safety officer for 2014.
A call for nomination resulted in a motion by Ton y to retain the current officers. Seconded by Dennis the motion carried unanimously.
The officers for 2014 are as follows:
President- Chris George
Vice President – John Macmillan
Secretary/Treasurer- Mike Pederson
Safety Officer- Cecil Johnson
Mike Pederson then presented the new safety rules for the field and announced the each member would receive a copy. He also presented the new amended by-law for the club. Suggestions for some revisions were made and agreed to. The revised amended by-laws were then passed and will be submitted to the AMA. A copy will be given to each member.
There being no further business Tony moved to adjourn seconded by J Mac the meeting adjourned at 9:30am.
Respectively submitted
Mike Pederson


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